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Tsou Consulting provides consulting services with expertise on

California healthcare and cannabis policy and regulation.

An-Chi Tsou, Ph.D.



Mobile:  518-527-0287






Marijuana Business Daily

"A longtime staffer at the California Legislature, Tsou helped write the book on medical marijuana industry regulations for
the largest cannabis market in the world. The Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), which Tsou helped compose and which California lawmakers approved in September 2015, establishes a regulatory system for the state’s MMJ industry and is slated to go into effect in 2018. "

KPCC 89.3 | HighQ: Will California Get Recreational Weed By 2018?

"Average time, what I learned when I was there for passing a simple regulation is about 18 months," Tsou said. "And this is like a huge complex ... ball of regulations with lots of different agencies ... moving at the same time."

Culture Magazine |  From Cannabis Policy Advisor to Entrepreneur

"If you take a look at An-Chi Tsou’s resume, you may guess her next big career move would be to run for Governor of California. Tsou completed her PhD at UC Berkley in 2012 and began service in the public sector the same year. She is most recently known for her role as the Senior Policy Advisor for the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation. She, along with 10 other employees, have been responsible for creating the medical cannabis regulations in California, which are set to be put into practice early next year, with licensing beginning in 2018." | Female Entrepreneurs Talk About Women in the Cannabis Industry

“If you enter the cannabis market thinking you will make ‘millions’, then you have started on the wrong foot. To be in this industry you must first understand the history of cannabis and how the path was laid for you by people who shouted, defied, showed up, and were passionate about how this plant could heal. Begin your journey by learning how it was begun.”

Tsou Consulting

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